Brocot perpetual calender clock

Brocot Pendule à quantième (perpetual calendar clock with equation of time)

Brocot gilded bronze perpetual calendar clock.

A wonderful clock from the mind of Louis-Achille Brocot. Created c.1855 for the English market it represents a high-water mark of the Brocot production of first quality domestic clocks in every aspect of its design and execution.

The highly detailed case of gilded bronze with superbly engraved front mask. Excellent detailing, chasing and engraving throughout the metal case work. Glazed sides with the rear door of white marble.

The overall arched case design housing the separate clock and the perpetual calendar mechanisms. The whole above a white marble plinth with very elaborate gilt feet. Surmounted by a figures whimsical clash between a bird and a viper.

The dial of fine white enamel with Brocot visible escapement on carnelian pins. Blued steel Breguet hands. Striking hours and half-hours on a single bell. Split seconds indications to the dial with a sweep-seconds hand. Half-seconds beating pendulum with temperature compensation in the style of Graham, devised by Brocot. The separate calendar mechanism is the first of several which he developed over many years – it shows months, day of the month (self-correcting for leap years for 100 years!), days of the week, phases of the moon (in a lunette opening). It also displays the equation of time, tracking the difference between mean solar time and mean terrestrial time over the course of a year – a difficult and elegant refinement. All indications in English.

A very scarce clock by one of the most important French clockmakers of the C19th. Very desirable.

For further reading see: Richard Chavigny: Les Brocot (1991) ANCAHA, France.


Dimensions: 48cm High x 36cm Wide x 19cm Deep

  Circa: 1855

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